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Apr 07, 2022
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Check out the full discussion on updating Google’s Page Experience. For years, Google has advised website owners to design their websites with users in mind. That lead culminated in an update to Page Experience, which Google announced late last month with the news that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were no longer required to appear in the carousel. Google's Top Mobile Stories. During the Live Experience Page with Search Engine Land meeting, Barry Schwartz, editor of Search Engine Land, hosted a discussion whatsapp phone number list with Aja Frost, head of SEO at HubSpot, Marty Weintraub, founder of Aimclear, and Michael King, managing director of iPullRank, will share their thoughts on the new algorithm, its impact, considerations on whether to continue using AMP and how to communicate the update to customers. Google Page Updates in a nutshellThe Page Experience algorithm is designed to judge web pages based on how the user experiences and interacts with them. It includes many factors in Google’s existing search rankings, including secure browsing penalties, intrusive interstitial penalties, HTTPS ranking upgrades, and easy updating of mobile, Google’s Speed ​​Page update and Vitals Web Core.