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Become A RBA Speaker

Every month, RBA hosts a 30 minute webinar for employers and employees invested in the concept of recovery responsive workplace programming in support of individuals struggling with substance use or co-occurring mental health disorders.


We are eager to partner with individuals who have extensive experience in this area and can present on any of the following topics or similar topics:


  • Innovative solutions for the addiction epidemic and employer impact

  • Employers’ Role in Prevention, Treatment and Recovery in the Workplace

  • Assessing Your Workplace Needs & Developing a Plan Developing Best Practices to Maintain a Recovery Responsive Workplace

  • Developing Recovery Responsive Workplace Policies

  • Training Staff on Recovery Responsive Programming

  • Creating a Recovery Responsive Workplace & Recovery Inclusive Culture

  • Utilizing Recovery Employment Coaches to Support, Retain and Hire People in Recovery

  • Committing to Employee Wellness and Why It Matters

  • Corporate Commitment Sample Policy

  • Identifying Red Flags That Staff May Be Misusing Substances

  • Managing Supervisory Boundaries

  • Developing a Recovery Responsive Code of Conduct

  • Preventing Employee Relapse and Substance Misuse

  • Intervening Legally and Corporately Responsively

  • Implementing Drug Testing in the Workplace

  • Engaging and Retaining Employees Struggling with Substance Misuse U

  • sing Client Feedback as a Management Tool 

This is not a paid opportunity.  All professionals are welcome to apply. 

RBA Speaker Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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