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Utilizing Recovery
Employment Coaches

Recovery Employment Coaches are trained professionals in the behavioral health field who have personal experience with addiction and recovery. Recovery Employment Coaches or Recovery Coaches are the fastest growing service for people in recovery, and employers are utilizing the power of peer recovery services to support and retain employees who are struggling with addiction.


RBA's Recovery Employment Coaches work to provide your employees with the confidential support they need to navigate substance use and work-related issues, access treatment and other local resources, and support to ensure recovery and success in the workplace. Our Peer Employment Coaches are trained on how to provide vocational mentorship pre-and-post employment by instilling hope, enhancing self-esteem and overall life skills while promoting wellness for work.


Recovery Employment Coaches provide:

  • Emotional support -Every coaching session starts from a place of emotional support. The purpose of a coach is to provide a supportive, non-judgement and neutral sounding board, help employees to find balance, and empower them to build emotional resilience.

  • Stress management - As individuals in recovery who have been there and understand, recovery coaches know first-hand the acute stress associated with addiction and resulting behavioral health issues. They can help employees build and practice critical life skills that result in positive changes in their work creativity and productivity.

  • Goal setting and actionable accountability - Coaches work collaboratively with employees to help them form clear, actionable goals and plans to move their life and work in a positive direction. They guide them to an understanding of what they can and cannot control, and clear their path forward.

How RBA Can Help:

RBA has qualified Recovery Employment Coaches on-hand to engage directly with employers and employees. Our coaches are trained on how to access and refer employees to local recovery support resources and to provide peer support precisely when it is needed most.  Our coaches are a safe and confidential resource for when employees need to process challenges in the workplace and must prepare to have productive internal and external conversations. Coaches can be accessed by management teams, HR staff and your diverse employees via email, phone, video conference and in-person.

This service is $15 per employee per year. 

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