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Apr 07, 2022
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That being the case, users who have watched pirated short video clips and paid for the genuine version enjoy almost indistinguishable services. Compared with a 45-minute episode, the damage to the animation creators and copyright owners of "Douluo Dalu" can be imagined. It is no wonder that Tencent Video issued a statement on May 29, severely condemning this behavior that disrupts the order of the video industry. Is it tolerable, and what is not? Coincidentally, on May 27, after the "Friends Reunion Special" was launched on Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent Video, a large number of infringing and pirated videos appeared at station B. There are still full feature films and a large number of video clips. Although the restart of old dramas can especially stimulate feelings, can feelings not be used as a shield for piracy? Since the "409 Copyright Statement" and the joint proposal issued by several video platforms and more than 500 artists on April 23, the short-term video infringement has become more and more frequent in long videos. In sms marketing service the past, the era of copyright ambiguity turned a blind eye. It seems to be completely over. But without a fundamental solution in the system, this kind of partial "whoever suffers is condemned" is not the solution after all. With the official implementation of the new "Copyright Law" on June 1,