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Ad Duniya
Apr 03, 2022
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When it comes to improving your small business, there are few tools in your tech stack as powerful and effective as call tracking. Whether you're looking to increase your revenue, improve your lead generation, or identify your top-performing marketing channels, call tracking can provide your small business with the data you need to make your marketing strategy as effective as possible. Of course, we don't expect you to take our word for it! That's why we took the time to do an in-depth SMB case study with some of our top users, then post the results on our blog. There's nothing we love more than highlighting the great work our small business users are doing with CallRail. Below, you'll find testimonial summaries from six of our small business users on how call tracking has helped them take their business to new heights. Each testimonial will include a link to the corresponding case study at the top, so feel free to click through to find out more. 1) Humberview Auto Group triples inbound leads with call tracking. The Employee Email Database Humberview Group represents a chain of automobile dealerships in Ontario, Canada, primarily in the Toronto and Great Lakes regions. Originally, Humberview followed standard industry wisdom and attracted most of its leads through web form submissions because web forms are cheap and easy to implement. But after extensive market research, Humberview found phones to be a still high-performing, but underutilized, channel for lead generation. By adopting CallRail as part of their technology stack, Humberview found that many of their prospects were picking up the phone to call about buying a car, even when an online form was their initial point of contact. "If you focus your analytics just on form submissions, you're missing a lot of conversion data, you're missing a lot of leads, and it's much harder to make effective decisions about your marketing campaigns," Humberview Digital Marketing Director Maxim Poliakov Explain. By using CallRail's call tracking data to guide their marketing decisions, they were able to streamline and improve their marketing to the point where Humberview now generates more than three times as many leads month over month than before the launch. implement call call tracking to save 50% on ad spend The benefits of CallRail aren't just limited to increasing revenue (although that's always nice) - call tracking is just as effective when it comes to helping small businesses save money. This was the case witha home improvement e-commerce provider that struggled to manage conversion and sales data across multiple touchpoints, particularly Google Ads. By integrating CallRail into their technology stack and adding our dynamic number insertion feature to their website, they were finally able to correctly attribute every phone call to the web session that originated it. As a result, they were able to hone their marketing to focus on channels and products with the best ROI. This helped mreduce its Google Ads budget by over 50%, while continuing to increase its lead generation and overall sales. “With this visibility, we can dramatically increase the performance of every advertising dollar, while recouping previously wasted spend to reinvest in our business,” said David Gallmeier, Chief Marketing Officer of Looking for call tracking software for your small business? Check Fit Small Business reviews to choose the right provider. 3) Mold Busters breaks the mold and doubles call volume Conversion tracking is (relatively) easy for digital storefronts, but the picture gets much more complicated when you're dealing with physical locations and multiple marketing touchpoints. This is especially true for the home services industry, where calls are the backbone of any business strategy. That's why Mold Busters was an early adopter of CallRail and call tracking - it helps them answer important questions like how a prospect found their business and where they're calling from, as well as their specific needs and his regards