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Apr 04, 2022
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If a Level A feature is missing, your website is simply not accessible. Level AA contains elements strongly recommended for accessibility. If AA features are missing, it will be very difficult for people with visual impairments or physical disabilities to navigate your website. For ADA compliance, this is the minimum acceptable level of accessibility. Level AAA contains the most advanced accessibility features. Not all of these features are available on all websites or digital platforms. It is recommended to include as many AAA features or partial AAA features as possible, but full AAA compliance is not a reasonable goal for most websites or types of businesses. A screen capture of a web page that is not accessible to screen reading devices. This is an example of non-compliant input fields. None of the items have a title. There are no instructions for completing a response. A screen reader wouldn't be able to process it. The individual email list Principles of ADA Compliant Web Design Perceptible Adaptable: Content should not lose structure or functionality when presented in another format, such as when magnified or processed by a screen reader. Distinguishable: Visual and audio content should be clear and distinct, including contrast between text and background colors, and clearly marked hyperlinks and buttons. Time-based media alternatives: There should be readily available alternatives for audio and video content, such as a full transcript of sound clips and written explanations of any charts or tables. Operable Keyboard accessible: All functions of a website must be available with a simple keyboard. Gestures and using the mouse should never be the only input method. Navigable: There should be clear indications of where a user is on a website and how to access the various connected pages. All buttons, links and input fields should be clearly labeled and easily distinguishable.