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Jun 16, 2022
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Since 2017, WeChat has continued to block personal marketing accounts one after another. Later, it supported his own son's Whatsapp Database enterprise WeChat all the way. Now when everyone talks about the carriers and tools of private domain traffic, they naturally think of corporate WeChat. But if you ask me, how to choose between enterprise Whatsapp Database WeChat and personal marketing account? The village chief still recommends that everyone choose a personal WeChat account first. Of course, this is only the words of the village chief's family. Why is there such a conclusion? The village chief will talk to you about what he is doing recently. A piece of business we are Whatsapp Database doing recently has recruited a large number of agents across the country. We require that the products sold by the agents must guide users to make transactions online. At the same time, users can only enjoy ultra-low prices if they add our enterprise WeChat. Because the unit price of the products we sell is Whatsapp Database around 2,000, we can get two or three hundred yuan coupons for immediate reduction by adding our corporate WeChat account, so this can ensure our addition rate, not to mention the store owner to guide. We selected some cities for testing, and the effect of attracting traffic was very fast. In less than a week, the number of corporate Whatsapp Database WeChat friends exceeded 10,000. But in the actual conversion process, it encountered a very difficult problem. 1. Cognitive Problems In the eyes of some people, there is no difference between Whatsapp Database corporate WeChat groups and personal WeChat groups. But in fact, there is a very subtle perception that users regard the enterprise WeChat group as an after-sales group. We continued to test the products on the Mini Program Mall for a week, and there were very few orders.
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