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omar faruk
Jul 28, 2022
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Get free consultation This means bad things about Twitter, right? Hold your horse Before making the final decision about Twitter ads, put all these numbers together in one easy-to-reference table. Comparison of Twitter, Facebook and AdWords We'll run the numbers, but a quick glance shows that Twitter is performing poorly on all key metrics. To highlight the difference, imagine that for every conversion you spend $ 1,000 and secure, users are worth an average of $ 50, of which $ 25 is a profit. If you connect the numbers to this nifty ROI calculator, you'll get the following results (the result is British pounds, but you can easily convert them to US dollars here): For Twitter, ROI is negative. With whatsapp database a profit of only $ 25, you spend an average of $ 142.86 on a single sale. Screenshot 201802 15 at 12.22.25 For Facebook, you can make between $ 1,000 and $ 300 thanks to the high conversion rate. This is a 30% revenue. Screenshot 201802 15 at 12.24.22 You will also incur losses in the case of AdWords search. Screenshot 201802 15 at 12.26.04 But take all of this with a grain of salt. In other words, we use an average of statistics that fluctuates widely depending on the industry and product. From the above, even Google AdWords doesn't seem like a good investment, but you know many companies that trust much of their marketing success on this platform. What is not taken into account in these statistics is the impact of multiple visits. Visitors who click on your ad today may not buy from you until another one, two, three, or six months later. When optimizing your ads, you need to keep this type of attribution in mind and monitor your customer interactions with your brand over time. From the statistics above, Twitter appears to be the poorest performing ad network. But I still don't think it should be completely discounted. What I mean is that Twitter is not the place where you want to start advertising.
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