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Omar Faruk
Jun 28, 2022
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Google's Search Engine Results Real Estate Photo Editing Page (SERP) has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Organic search results are increasingly consumed by PPC advertising, knowledge graphs, user question boxes, and other SERP features. Introduced in 2014, the featured snippet quickly signaled a new hope for many SEO pros seeking to dominate "Position Zero Until last year, getting featured snippets meant increasing the visibility of SERPs. The selected organic list was displayed twice on Google Page 1. First of all, as a noteworthy snippet, "the range that can be seen without scrolling". Then, as one of the Real Estate Photo Editing usual organic search results. Everything changed on January 22, 2020, when Real Estate Photo Editing Google started removing duplicate URLs from SERPs containing featured snippets (also known as deduplication). This update reminds some SEO experts if it's worth landing a featured snippet, along with the discovery that featured snippets reduce clicks to organic search results overall. To be fair, Google recently made significant changes that seemed good to Real Estate Photo Editing both users and publishers. For the results of some featured snippets, Google directs users to the text associated with the search query highlighted on a yellow background. This is one of the reasons why we want to continue to use the featured snippets as an organic opportunity. Google's special content resource block Before diving into the snippet type of interest (scroll down if that's what you want), let's review some definitions. Special search results are known by various names, so I'd like to clarify Real Estate Photo Editing what (and not) the snippet of interest is. Abundant answers (not a featured snippet) Rich Real Estate Photo Editing Answers , also known as Instant Answers (formerly Quick Answers), are answered instantly by Google without credit to the site. These answers usually cover short facts such as the size of the Earth (spoiler note: 3,959 miles) and 10 + 2 (spoiler note: 12). advertisement Continue reading below Google states that you don't need to provide credit because these answers are part of the public domain. Google Instant Answer 2. Knowledge graph (not a featured snippet) Knowledge graph answers are often taken from a variety of sources and displayed in the large beautiful box on the right, or above the organic search results in the photo gallery (or carousel). You will usually Real Estate Photo Editing see search results for these types of brands, people, and organizations.