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Raihan Ali
Jul 07, 2022
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It Goes Through a Long Process of Mashing, Fermenting, Distilling, and Maturing, Allowing Time to Refine the Essence and Bring Out the Most Beautiful and Delicate Flavors. Shortly After His First Taste of Success, Liu Bangyan Encountered the Biggest Disaster Since Starting His Business. at That Time, the Whole Company Devoted Half a Year of Manpower to a Project, but the Client Refused to Acknowledge the Breach of Contract. in the Absence of a Written Contract and Advance Payment, Not Only Did the Company Do White Work, but Also the Company's Cash Flow Was Only Left for Two Weeks. in custom t shirts Order to Catch Up with the Salary and Year-End Before the Lunar New Year, Liu Bangyan Gave It a Go, Borrowed 5 Million Turnover from the Bank, and Divided the Company into Two Units: "Products" and "Consulting Services". After Quick Reorganization, He Also Let the Business Contrarian Growth More Than Tripled. Lesson 3: Focus on Your Own Business and Do a Good Job of Risk Control at Every Step with a Rigorous Attitude. Every Great Product Must Go Through Repeated Trial and Error, Just as Every Glass of Sogdon Must Be Carefully Blended by a Bartender. Entrepreneurs Are Like Bartenders, Who Can Turn Exploration Experience into Value and Create the Richness of Life. the Lessons of Debt Not Only Made Liu Bangyan Feel the Pain, Slow Down to Reorganize the Company's Rules and Regulations, and Stabilize the Foundation of the Enterprise, but Also Made Him Completely from a Dreamer to a Steady Practitioner and a Mature Entrepreneur. Liu Bangyan Is Willing to Keep Pace with Time and Join Hands with the Team to Accomplish Impossible Tasks Again and Again Through Repeated Attempts and Explorations, Just Like Maureen Robinson, the First Female Bartender in Scotland and the Legendary Barrel Master Used by Scotland. After Countless Attempts and Adjustments, It Is Finally Possible to Combine the Elegant Bourbon Barrel and the Enthusiastic Sherry Barre