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amina khatun
May 07, 2022
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I think it is no superfluous luxury for Job Function Email Database every (online) marketer to understand this process!” Also read: Want to get better at your job? These 8 books will help you. How to Become a Productivity Ninja Less Stress, More Achievement, More Fun - Author: Graham Allcott Productivity Ninja Cover - Stress Job Function Email Database Less, Achieve More, Have More Fun - Author: Graham Allcott In addition to the books 'Indistractable' and 'Unleash your brain', this is the third (and final) book on this list about working Job Function Email Database smarter. This book focuses on developing your own ninja style. You do this with techniques such as Job Function Email Database ruthlessness, self-awareness, camouflage, and agility. Work with your full attention beat procrastination and learn not to work harder, but smarter. Personally, 'productivity ninja' falls into the list of 'itch words' for me (which might make me dismiss it too quickly), but Thomas Lapierre says: “This is an absolute must for Job Function Email Database every home worker, entrepreneur, and manager. I have benefited a lot from it. Biggest insight: as an entrepreneur, you are your own employer and employee. You have to switch between the two, otherwise, you will earn nothing or achieve nothing. Lurking How a Job Function Email Database Person Became a User – Author Joanne McNeil Book Lurking. How a Person Became a User Author Joanne Job Function Email Database McNeilVincent van Brakel: “I am currently reading Lurking. Very interesting, especially in times of corona. In my opinion, the evolution of the internet is beautifully described. From an anonymous place where everything was possible and where users actively Job Function Email Database participate (web 2.0) to a corporate-dominated web, where we scroll through timelines and news sites without thinking. In addition, the book was published just before the corona Job Function Email Database crisis, which makes it even more relevant. I know that my own internet use and that of the people around me have increased enormously at the start of the 'quarantine.