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Employer Code of Conduct Recovery Friendly - Sample Policy, Part #1

DISCLAIMER: This policy should not substitute for independent legal review of local, State and Federal laws applicable to your agency. Consult an attorney prior to the implementation of any new organizational policy.

This sample policy was provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


  • Principle 1: Non-Discrimination I must not discriminate against clients or professionals based on religion, race, age, sex, disability, national ancestry, sexual orientation or economic condition.

  • Principle 2: Legal and Moral Standards I must protect the welfare and dignity of the client and respect the laws of the communities where they work. Violations of legal standards may damage both my reputation and the agency’s. I will not physically, verbally, emotionally or sexually abuse clients. I will not abuse alcohol or other legal drugs. I will not possess or use any illegal drugs. I must honestly represent my qualifications, educational background and professional credentials. I will not aid or abet a person to misrepresent his/her professional qualifications.

  • Principle 3: Competence I will provide professional services only within the boundaries of my competence based on education, training and experience. I will pursue professional development by taking advantage of continuing education and other opportunities for professional development to maintain a high level of competence.

  • Principle 4: Client Relationships I will not enter into professional helping relationships with members of client families and client friends, with people closely connected to clients or members of their families, or with others whose welfare might be jeopardized by such a dual role. I will not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with current clients, former clients, or clients’ families or close associates. I will not engage in romantic or sexual relationships with clients for at least one year following termination of treatment. I will refrain from socializing with clients and clients’ family members or close associates. I will not use derogatory language to or about clients. I will use respectful language in all communications to and about clients.

For more information on how to develop a recovery friendly code of conduct, click here.

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